10 May 2011

Immanuel Theology Group 2011-2012

Last year my dad started a creative new ministry initiative, the Immanuel Theology Group, at Immanuel Church (A29) in Nashville.

2010-2011 focused on missional leadership and guys like Sam Storms, Scott Thomas, and Bruce Ware helped us think through in theologically rich ways what it means to live on mission.

This year the ITG will focus on the Bible. I'm stoked. Immanuel Church will welcome Bruce Waltke, Doug Moo, Bob Yarbrough and others to unpack parts of Scripture they've spent a lifetime studying.

Each seminar goes all day one Saturday a month, August through March. Total cost is $1,000 to cover expenses. The brothers who participated last year were focused on Christ and intent on learning in a relaxed-but-serious atmosphere that was spiritually combustible. It was a unique and meaningful time for all of us involved. It requires no time off work, strengthens both mind and heart, and plunks you into the midst of a band of brothers who hate sin, love the Savior, and want their lives to count.

If you're within striking distance of Nashville, consider joining us. If you can't join us physically, join us in asking the Lord's blessing over this.

More info here.


Anonymous said...

This is the first thing, I believe, that has caused me to consider buying 8 round-trip tickets to the same location.

Gavin Ortlund said...

This is going to be awesome. So jealous I can't be there.