01 April 2011

Our Only Happiness

The Bible tells us that in this life and world there is no such thing as final security apart from the message of the gospel.

So if we are relying for our final, ultimate happiness upon anybody or anything in this world alone, then we are certain to be disappointed. If our quietness of heart depends--oh, let me put it with almost brutal realism--if we are depending for happiness and joy and a quiet heart, in a final sense, upon any individual human being, upon our family, our home, our profession, our money, our health and strength, we are doomed to experience disappointment.

Every one of these things one day will be taken from us.
--Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (Crossway, 2009), 68


Unknown said...

I am so thankful for each of your postings on MLT. Out of interest, where do you think LLoyd-Jones would "fit in" in contemporary evangelical circles? I ask this because I love his balance between orthodox preaching and his views on the ongoing work and gifts of the Holy Spirit, something which I see lacking in the current young reformed types
Love your blog. It is so positive and encouraging; much like your Dad's.
Kind regards,

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks for this Elaine. Interesting question. Sov Grace? EPC? Hard to say.

Thanks for the kind words. Bless you!