29 April 2011

Grace versus Self-love

Justin and Lindsey Holcomb:
There are many non-Christian books that are very good at describing the effects of sexual assault but offer weak suggestions regarding healing. By not believing the Gospel, they advocate self-love and self-affirmation and miss grace—God’s one way love, the unconditional love of God—which is the only thing that gets to the depth of the devastation of sexual assault. Eventually, self-love turns into nihilism. Our book places God’s radical grace and redemption of sin and its effects front and center and responds to the survivor’s experiences, pain, and needs from that perspective.
From an interview at Mockingbird here.

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Gary Eugene Howell said...

I'm not up to speed on the conversation that led to this post, however I just wanted to say that self love never lasts because the very first moment you start to feel down about something, or anything at all for that matter, self love goes out the window. But God's love is unconditional. God's love is always present in our lives.