10 March 2011


Two radiant men, one describing the other.

An excerpt:
When younger pastors ask me about the ministry, I don’t think of formulas, systems or strategies. I think of my dad. Radiant men, not angry men, not men determined to set others straight — radiant men draw people to Jesus with a power they themselves may be unaware of, because it isn’t a calculation.
Save your money, skip the next pastor's conference, print this out, and ponder it for the three days you would have been away. It's all we need to know.

In the Lord's strange way of linking up scattered providences, this morning I pressed home this very verse from Psalm 34 to my friends here at Crossway in chapel. I asked them, and I ask you: if Psalm 34:5a were true of you--if you looked to God and were radiant--would you be lacking anything in your Christian life?


I understand there are places in the Bible where we are given lists--Galatians 5, 2 Peter 1. But does anything fall outside of God-fixated radiance? Would that leave any virtue behind?

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