05 March 2011

One Way to Love My Neighbor

Be forthright about hell.

If there be really a hell of such dreadful, and neverending torments, as is generally supposed, that multitudes are in great danger of, and that the bigger part of men in Christian countries do actually from generation to generation fall into, for want of a sense of the terribleness of it, and their danger of it, and so for want of taking due care to avoid it; then why is it not proper for those that have the care of souls, to take great pains to make men sensible of it? Why should they not be told as much of the truth as can be?

If I am in danger of going to hell, I should be glad to know as much as possibly I can of the dreadfulness of it: if I am very prone to neglect due care to avoid it, he does me the best kindness, that does most to represent to me the truth of the case, that sets forth my misery and danger in the liveliest manner.
--Jonathan Edwards, Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God, in Yale ed. of Works, 4:246-47

Thanks, Justin Taylor, for being forthright.

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Anonymous said...

That's actually the key isn't it? The whole Rob Bell fiasco, as its manifest itself to this point with the teaser video, is a lack of forthrightness.
That just clicked in my head as I read your post. You're probably thinking, Duh!