16 June 2010

Schreiner's Summary of NT Theology

Tom Schreiner's Magnifying God in Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology is a very helpful resource. It's a 2010 abbreviated form of his 2008 900-page New Testament Theology.

Two things prompt me to mention it. One, this summary volume is much meatier than I expected when I ordered it. While extensive argumentation and footnoting have both by necessity been left behind, there's real substance to the volume--it isn't merely a 'summary' as we normally think of that word. I expected it would be appropriate for adult Sunday School and too thin for a college text; actually I think it's appropriate for a college text and too much for adult Sunday School.

Two, Schreiner has three emphases around which he writes: the glory of God in Jesus Christ, the inherent trinitarianism of the NT, and a salvation-historical framework which sees the NT as the culmination of all the ancient promises and hopes of the OT. Love it.

Thanks for serving us all in this way, Dr. Schreiner.

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