22 June 2010

Calvin: True Faith Never Extinguished

The root of faith can never be torn from the godly breast, but clings so fast to the inmost parts that, however faith seems to be shaken or to bend this way or that, its light is never so extinguished or snuffed out that it does not at least lurk . . . beneath the ashes.
--John Calvin, Institutes 3.2.21


Anonymous said...

Dane, can you clairfy what exactly Calvin meant by "unbelief?" Is he writing about doubt, or is unbelief for Calvin another way of referring to sin in a believer's life?

Dane Ortlund said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. Who are you? And since I don't see the word 'unbelief' in the quote, I'll need more context and precision in your question to address it. Thanks and God bless!!