14 March 2010

A Holy Greediness of Delight

In the middle third of Communion with God (which deals with communing with the second person of the Trinity), John Owen explains that true believers long to be in Christ's company, to converse with him, to speak with and enjoy him. He writes--

When once the soul of a believer has obtained sweet and real communion with Christ, it looks about him, watches all temptations, all ways whereby sin might approach, to disturb him in his enjoyment of his dear Lord and Saviour, his rest and desire. . . . Riches make men watchful; and the actual sensible possession of him, in whom are all the riches and treasure of God, will make men look about them for the keeping of him.

Owen goes on to describe what the believing soul says of its longings for Christ.

'I know I deserve not to be beloved. These thoughts are hard as hell; they give no rest to my soul: if I find not myself on your heart and arm, I am as one that lies down in a bed of coals.' This . . . argues a holy greediness of delight.

--John Owen, Communion with God (Christian Focus 2007), 203, 205

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