04 March 2010


[A] person's security in God frees him from constantly having to prove himself, so freeing his time and energy to use the divinely received love for the benefit of the neighbor--in word and deed, in witness and service, in availability and aid. So in his renewal man is freed from himself and becomes ex-centric.

--Hendrikus Berkhof, Christian Faith, 461


Drew Hunter said...

Hey Dane, Can you tell me a bit about Berkhof? How did you hear about him and what is he all about? I really like these quotes, but have only passed across his name a few times before.

Dane Ortlund said...

Hey man. I don't know much about him myself (e.g. related to Louis?). I know he didn't have the highest view of Scripture etc, but he obviously was a tenderhearted guy who understood the gospel. I'm researching a dimension of Bavinck + Berkouwer, and someone directed me to consider H Berkhof. I'm just getting my feet wet myself.