13 August 2009

The Most Delightful Entertainment

Those who have God with them have the surest and most constant friend in the world, and they have the richest and most powerful friend. He has enough for their desires, and he can do what he pleases. Those who have God with them have the most comfortable, pleasant companion in the world. How happy are they who partake with God in his riches and blessedness! There is no conversation so pleasant nor so profitable as the spiritual conversation of the saints with God. To converse with God is the most delightful entertainment in the world. . . . How unspeakable is the pleasure of those manifestations which God makes of his glorious beauty to those whom he is with, and how sweet are the discoveries of his love!

--Jonathan Edwards, 'To Go with God's People,' undated sermon on Zech 8, The Glory and Honor of God: Previously Unpublished Sermons of Jonathan Edwards Vol 2, p. 159

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