03 August 2009

Made Up of Individuals

Gerald Bray on N. T. Wright's latest justification project:

As Mr. Piper points out, . . . [Wright's] grand picture does not do justice to the New Testament, where the use of the word ‘justification’ and its many cognates cannot bear the meaning of ‘covenant faithfulness’ that Bishop Wright attaches to it. Whatever God’s ultimate purpose for the transformation of the world may be (and Mr. Piper does not deny that), the fact remains that the body of Christ on earth is made up of individuals, each one of whom needs the righteousness of the Saviour pleading for him if he is to enter the kingdom of heaven. Imputation is not a transfer of God’s righteousness to us, as Bishop Wright seems to think, but a reckoning of that righteousness, which is not and can never be ours, to us.

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