18 July 2009

Out of Town Again

No blogging for the next several days as Stacey and Zach and I will be at the annual gathering of the 4 C's church (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference), in the exotic location of Waterloo, Iowa.

In the meantime, here's C.J. Mahaney reminding us of the greatest reality in the universe, in a book our small group from church is studying.

Because of God's amazingly gracious heart toward those who thoroughly deserve only His wrath, He both planned for and provided this mediator to resolve the divine dilemma--a mediator who, through His blood, would accomplish a unique assignment utterly unlike any other work of mediation. In the mystery of His mercy, God--the innocent, offended party--offers up His Own Son to death, to satisfy His righteous wrath and save the guilty party from it. (Living the Cross-Centered Life, 70)

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ErinOrtlund said...

Have a great trip!