23 July 2009

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

Back with Stacey and Zach from the 4C annual gathering in Iowa. We met many wonderful people who have a heart for Christ and long to serve him and love others with a glad and grateful heart.

For example: Nick Granitsas is the consummate pastor. He has ministered at the same 4C church in Boston for 30 years. His is the only English-speaking church in an incredibly multi-cultural suburb of Boston (Revere). He has learned greetings and one-liners in numerous other languages for the sake of reaching others with the gospel. He and his wife have raised three biological children and four adopted children, and they have raised 28 (that is not a typo) other kids of various nationalities through significant years of childhood. 35 kids total. None of that information was forthcoming until I asked him specifics about his family and church. And perhaps most important of all, he is a kind, happy man. He represents the best of what the 4C represents in this generation.

For those who are considering pastoral ministry and appreciate congregational church polity, I encourage you to consider serving the the 4C's. A small denomination numerically (300 churches, 40,000 members, mostly in New England and Midwest). But the Lord does not count influence or significance as we do.

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Anonymous said...

Nick Granitsas has been pastor in Revere for 35 years now and his church is not the only English-speaking church, but it is certainly among a variety of ethnic churches in Revere.