17 May 2009

Luther, Wright, Wilson, Blomberg

Very interesting response by Doug Wilson to Craig Blomberg's glowing review of Wright's new justification book. (HT: JT)

I'm immersed in Luther at the moment and, among other things, have been struck with Luther's awareness of (1) Jew-gentile issues in the NT; (2) the relevance of the gospel not only "to get me to heaven" but for this life now; and (3) most importantly regarding the above reviews, the way in which the gospel, for Luther, was constantly bringing him to interact with social and political issues of the day--the very opposite of the portrait Wright paints of Luther in his latest.

On (2), e.g., I just read this today in Gerhard Forde's Where God Meets Man: Luther's Down-to-Earth Approach to the Gospel: "The gospel is the joyful message that in Christ this new creation has already and actually broken in on us, and the promise that it will be carried to its completion" (16). That doesn't sound like abstract theologizing to me. Sounds like Wright himself. Sounds like the NT.

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