11 May 2009

Carson Interview

D. A. Carson answers questions in a humorous Q + A at the recent New Word Alive conference in Wales. The first two questions have to do with the New Perspective and Wright's new justification book. Helpful.

HT: Andy Naselli


John Pennylegion said...

Are you excited Vanhoozer is going to Wheaton in the fall? Do you think you will get much interaction with him?

Dane Ortlund said...

Hi Penny. I'm glad he's coming. I won't have much formal interaction with him myself since I'm done with courses and I'm in NT not theology. Hope to see you this week at graduation.

Eric said...

Dane - That was a great interview. It was cut short at the end, though: at 1:14, he was summarizing the gospel, but I didn't get to hear the end! Do you know if the full thing is online anywhere? If not, no big deal.

Dane Ortlund said...

You're right Eric, Stacey and I were listening and wish it hadn't been cut off. DOn't know if it's anywhere else in full. I do know though from hearing DA give that gospel illustration before that the account of the gospel he was giving leaves off God's just wrath at our rebellion (makes sin almost all horizontal), which is what DA is pointing out to be problematic with some understandings of the gospel.

Eric said...

That's helpful - thanks. It sounded like Carson was describing it in such a way that he agreed with a lot of it, but not all.

We just can't leave out horizontal sin and God's just wrath - because it de-God's God. Precisely because God is God and owns us, he gets justly angry when I rebel. That's not something we like to hear, because it gives room for God's awesome claim on all of us; but we just can't leave it out, as Carson rightly reminds us.