07 October 2008

Mike Ovey Interview

Mike Ovey, head of Oak Hill College in London, on his vision for the school:

We want to be a college which is known for its students growing in faith. Faith is an interesting idea. It captures, in its biblical sense, both knowledge and trust. It’s something that involves both the head and the heart and so we want to be a college where people are grounded, confirmed and increased in what they know of God and his will through his word, but where their hearts and affections are correspondingly warmed towards him. Faith involves both.

It would be wonderful if our graduates took out into the churches where they are working that kind of faith: clear heads that know the truth and hearts that are passionate about Jesus and making him known.

Here's the whole thing.


ErinOrtlund said...

Dane, is this the school you had talked about possibly visiting sometime?

Dane Ortlund said...

I doubt I'll get a chance to go there any time soon but I love what they are about - majoring on the majors, strong leadership, great faculty, heart for the UK and the church.