07 October 2008

Joseph and Success

The LORD was with Joseph . . . (Gen 39:2)

But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love . . . (Gen 39:21)

. . . because the LORD was with him. (Gen 39:23)

I tend to see God's presence in my life in direct proportion to the success I experience (as I naturally, intuitively, in my silly fallen way, define 'success'). I am learning, as I read through Genesis these days, that there is probably an inverse proportion between the felt success of my life and the Lord's presence. God was with Joseph--therefore he suffered.

So conspicuous in word and deed in the early chapters of Genesis, God seems to have disappeared throughout the Joseph story. But this story is teaching me that God's silence is not equivalent to his absence. God's felt silence is, in a strange way, confirming of his presence.

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