22 January 2008

Matthew 22: Testing

In Matthew 22 Jesus finds himself on the receiving end of a number of tests.

First the Pharisees ask a tough question about paying taxes to Caesar or not - political testing.

Then the Sadduccees approach Jesus to ask about the seven brothers who were all married to the same woman and the state of this strange marital situation in the afterlife - theological testing.

Next, the Pharisees once again take Jesus on, this time asking which commandment is the greatest - moral testing.

Finally, Jesus turns the tables on his interrogators. He asks them a question: whose son in the Christ? The son of David, they say. Then how, asks Jesus, can David call him Lord in Psalm 110? "And no one was able to answer him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to question him any longer" (22:46).

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating, Dane. I never thought of it this way. Jesus answered, but also brushed past, the legitimate but secondary political, theological and moral issues to make laser-clear THE issue: "What are you going to think about ME?"