05 January 2008

Get behind me, Satan

Never noticed this before. In Matthew 4, at the conclusion of Jesus' third temptation by Satan (which, we remember, portray Jesus not as the supreme stoic or embodiment of self-control but as passing the very tests wandering Israel failed so miserably, as you and I have; hence the texts from Deuteronomy Jesus cites), Jesus uses the exact same words in Greek--translated "Get behind me, Satan!"--that he later uses toward Peter in 16:23. Remember, the third temptation was to bow down and worship Satan and be given all the kingdoms of the world, and the context in ch. 16 is Peter forbidding Jesus undergo the death Jesus has just predicted.

I notice: both the devil and Peter offer Jesus a suffering-free path to glory. And in both cases it is equally satanic, whether coming from the devil himself or the Rock on which Jesus built his church.

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Eric said...

Thanks, Dane. That is a great post. I really appreciate your blog and the evident thoughtfulness you put into this.