24 November 2007

Witherington, Piper, Schreiner: Divine Selfishness

Dr. Piper responds briefly to Ben Witherington's discouraging negative reaction to Tom Schreiner's NT Theology text, the underlying thesis of which is properly asserted to be God's desire to magnify himself in Christ. Denny Burk did his PhD under Schreiner at Southern and responds in more length.

I found Witherington's post to be more of a slap in the face than usual because of all the things I've heard leveled at the idea that God seeks to exalt God most, I've never heard the accusation that this is recreating God in humanity's image. I thought that critique was supposed to argue the other way!

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Anonymous said...

In addition to the biblical argumentation, which is properly primary, I personally find no hope for the conquest of sin and the triumph of holiness, both in myself (first) and in the realm of human creation, without the glorious supremacy of God as the reason for and destiny of all things. But with this overarching concept, my inner life settles down, I inhale, I live again.