29 November 2007

Dr. Edman: 40th Anniversary

On November 14, 1967, Dr. V. Raymond Edman, the fourth president of Wheaton College, was preaching a chapel sermon on "Being in the Presence of the King." At the close of that message, Dr. Edman collapsed and died right on stage. He closed his message by experiencing exactly what he was preaching about.
Wheaton College has recently commemorated that incredible day and has posted the audio of that message. Dr. Edman begins speaking at 32:45.

It's amazing to listen to a man preach, knowing that he is minutes away from standing before God. Would that we would preach each sermon as if that were about to become true of us.


Anonymous said...

I was on campus that day, though not in chapel. The freshmen football team had a special team meal during that hour in anticipation of a game later that day. When I walked into chemistry class minutes later, the stunned silence of the other students alerted me that something had happened.

If I had been in my seat in chapel that day, I doubt I would have listened. I loved the Lord but I was a not a serious man, to the extent I should have been. Listening to this recording now, for the first time ever, I understand the convictions he was aiming to impart and the patterns of behavior he was proposing. It makes sense now. It commands my respect.

Thank God for worthy leaders like V. Raymond Edman. Thank God for his patience with me. Thank God that I too will soon be in the presence of the King - not because I deserve it but because Jesus died to save me from "the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord" (2 Thess 1:9).


Dane Ortlund said...

Fascinating Pop. Stacey and I were just wondering aloud minutes ago whether you and mom were on campus yet. What a sobering event that must have been to the campus. I wonder if there is any discernable connection between that death and the revival that came 3 years later--i.e., students who found 1970 to be a life-turning year for them that would have seen the seeds of that year's revival actually sown in 1967. Perhaps there are some. I have Dr. Edman's "The Disciplines of Life" and though the alliteration of the chapters (all 30 chapters strart with D) is distracting it is clear God had gotten a hold of his heart and given him, like Paul, a passion and a mission to discharge.

ErinOrtlund said...

Wow! What an amazing story.