07 October 2007

Goal: Joy

I noticed today that Paul says a very similar thing in both Philippians and 2 Corinthians in describing his pastoral labors.

Phil 1:25 - I will remain and continue with all of you for your progress and joy of faith.

2 Cor 1:24 - We work with you for your joy.

His goal was his peoples' happiness. He prayed that the Colossians would be strenghened with all endurance and patience with joy (1:11).

Worth reflecting on. I acknowledge and agree that the glory of God is the highest purpose in everything, the supreme goal of all we do, whether pastors or not. But I wonder if on a horizontal level there could be any higher purpose in pastoral work than the pursuit of the joy of those in our sphere of influence (and that, yes, this is a fundamental way in which God is in fact glorified).

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Anonymous said...

2 Cor 1:24 strikes me as a superb sound-bite concept of pastoral ministry.