31 October 2007

Bird: Imputation, CT

Fascinating and, of course, humorous piece by Mike Bird on imputation, responding to Phil Ryken's recent piece on justification/imputation/union with Christ at Reformation 21. Having just finished Bird's book on the subject (this one) I find myself in almost total agreement (despite the book's extraordinarily distracting amount of typos and syntactical errors), though I do at times wonder about the sharp divide he wants between dogmatics and exegesis--is it really such a neat divide? Nonetheless I think the conclusion that imputation is theologically coherent in light of Scripture, though almost nowhere explicitly stated, is right. I say 'almost' because of 2 Cor 5:21 which, contrary to Bird and Gundry, I do think contains both 'halves' of imputation. Anyway, a great book, a good post, and both typically irenic. I am grateful for Mike Bird.

Also, interesting comments on 2 CT articles, including one on Hillsong (excerpt: "For American readers, Hillsong is perhaps understood as a cross between Crocodile Dundee and Joel Osteen").

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