01 November 2013

Christ's Joy and Our Sin

I am devouring this little Puritan Paperback I didn't know of till Mike Reeves discussed it. It's by Thomas Goodwin, the successor to Richard Sibbes at Holy Trinity Church.
Christ's own joy, comfort, happiness, and glory are increased and enlarged by his showing grace and mercy, in pardoning, relieving, and comforting his members here on earth, under all their infirmities. 
--Thomas Goodwin, The Heart of Christ (Banner of Truth, 2011), 107

The full original title is The Heart of Christ in Heaven Towards Sinners on Earth; Or, A Treatise Demonstrating the Gracious Disposition and Tender Affection of Christ in his Human Nature Now in Glory, Unto His Members under All Sorts of Infirmities, Either of Sin or Misery

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Anonymous said...

Tried to read this book twice now and his English is of the hardest to read of the Puritans I have come across. Wish it was reparaphrased.