23 September 2013

Make Your Meetings Better

I'm really enjoying and benefiting from Patrick Lencioni's book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business (Jossey-Bass, 2012). The first chapter is genuinely new and extremely useful, the rest of the book pretty much rehashes what he says in previous books.

I suspect that much of what he prescribes for business practice will only be truly and lastingly achievable by those with a heart-sense of the gospel (e.g., vulnerability with one another, admitting personal weakness, resisting envy). But the book is chock full of common sense, and I am getting a ton of help. One way he helps me is in how to lead and participate in meetings. Here's a 20-minute video that gets at some of what Lencioni says in the book. Good stuff, for leaders of all kinds.

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Drew Hunter said...

Hey, friend. Thanks for this - I haven't heard of him or the book. I'm wondering if you have any other books on leadership like this that you've been helped by. I can use some help!

- Drew