11 February 2013

How Jesus Rescues Any of Us

This story is not an abnormality. The redemption and honesty is unusual, perhaps, but not the problems. 

I grew up knowing of Skip Ryan--esteemed PCA pastor of Park Cities Presbyterian Church, admired by all. Before the narcotics.

I admire him much more now. 

HT: Mike Berttucci


Unknown said...

Wow. The waters of Gospel-restoration never run dry. A gloriously-spent 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The Lord through PCPC and Skip Ryan fed me during years of "Word famine" while in my former denomination, if you know what I mean. The church is precious to me, as is the man and his family. They'll hold a cherished spot in my heart always, and I'm grateful to God for that.

Michael said...

Thank Dane and Dave M for sharing this video. It is yet another example of the love of God and power of the Gospel to save us, to save US! How amazing is His love and grace.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! The very beautiful essence of the work of our Lord and Savior! Glory to God and to HIM alone!!

Anonymous said...

Skye Jethani just came to speak at the Naval Academy from Wheaton. His testimony was passionate and encouraging as is this video of Skip Ryan and his Barbara. so helpful and loving. Thank you for providing it through dear friends.