02 October 2012

The ESV Global Study Bible

It has been a lot of fun working with Christian leaders from all over the world along with my dear colleagues here at my favorite publishing house to create the Global Study Bible, available October 31. If I could assess it objectively (which I can't), I'd say this is a unique, category-defying resource for the worldwide church.

You plop down pretty much anywhere in the Psalms and find a call for the nations to know and rejoice in Yahweh. That call fuels this project.

We created an all-new set of essays in the back by church leaders from around the world--Conrad Mbewe in Zambia, James Kombo in Kenya, Michael Oh in Japan, In Whan Kim in South Korea, Ajith Fernando in Sri Lanka, Ben Intan in Indonesia, Chee-Chiew Lee in Singapore, and others. One of the most strategic elements of this Bible is a two-page spread for each Bible book, written by international Bible scholars, explaining the global message of that book of the Bible. The GSB also adapts the study notes of the ESV Study Bible, lightly reworked for a global audience. And of course maps, charts, etc. And it will all be available in digital format for those who prefer to utilize the content that way.

That's content. The other thing is cost. We want this Bible to be as widely accessible as we can possibly make it. For that reason we created a paperback edition for $19.99. A study Bible for twenty bucks. You kidding me? We are also launching a Buy One, Give One campaign that will help send the content in the GSB to many people in the neediest parts of the world, at no cost to them.

Here's the website for the GSB. And here's a video Crossway produced with Francis Chan introducing it. Francis articulates our own heart for this resource exactly.


Dave Moser said...

Thanks for pointing this out! Will it be available in electronic formats? The ESV Study Bible in Logos format has been a real blessing and I'd love to grab this as well.

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks Dave. Yes, it certainly will.

Rochelle said...

What an exciting project! Thanks for sharing this Dane! Amazing.