29 August 2012

Gospel Yoda

In a heart-strengthening interview of Scotty Smith, Darryl Dash asks about the influence of Jack Miller in Scotty's life. Jack is someone I cannot wait to meet in heaven.
Jack Miller had a marked influence on your life. What are some of the ways you've been shaped by him?
Jack’s influence on my life was (is) immeasurable. I first met him as my advisor at Westminster Theological Seminary in 1975, and for the next 21 years he became my professor, spiritual father, mentor and gospel Yoda. His life of humility and boldness, joy and laughter, love for grace and commitment to prayer are ever before me. I never knew a freer man, a more welcoming soul, a more caring evangelist or a more playful saint than Jack. Selfishly for me, I hate the fact God took him to heaven when he was just 64 and I was just beginning to move into one of the more difficult seasons of my life as a pastor and man. But Jack married my heart to Jesus, more than to his own.

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