19 July 2012

'It Has to Be Something Else I'm Looking For'

Don't watch this 2009 documentary of Mike Tyson with your kids, but I find it moving in a way I can't quite articulate. It is stirring to consider the tragedy of Tyson's life against the backdrop of the whole-Bible theme of glory and shame--granted in Eden, disfigured by sin, regained in Christ, and fully reinstated in the new earth.

Tyson is the only fighter whose career I followed with any interest. I have a strange, deep affection for him. Not sure why. Would love to see his eyes open to Christ and the gospel of free glory. He seems as primed for it as ever despite the blindness that clearly remains. I have hopes for it. If I had his address I'd love to write him.

I find his closing comments from 1:21:30 to the end very moving.


Eric said...

I always kind of liked him too - there's a kind of vulnerability there. Maybe we should write him a letter and send him one of dad's books.

Adam Ford said...

You severely affected my work productivity with this post, sir.