21 May 2012

A Noble Cause

Crossway President Lane Dennis:
I am writing, first, in grateful appreciation for your support of Crossway. As a not-for-profit ministry, the Crossway passion is to provide the Bible and gospel-centered literature as widely as possible, on a global basis. So I am deeply grateful to you for your help in doing this.

Secondly, I am writing because we have a significant opportunity and a corresponding need. We have been offered a matching grant in the amount of $270,000, if we are able to raise an additional $270,000 to match the grant.

The purpose of the grant is to provide the Bible and Bible learning resources free to 1 million people globally—free via the Internet, and free globally, anywhere and everywhere, on every major tablet and smart phone device—particularly to people in great need in China, India, and Africa.

The need is urgent: First, because the all-or-nothing goal needs to be reached by May 31, 2012—but more importantly because of the massive need worldwide for the Bible, and for essential tools to teach and understand the Bible.
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