03 January 2012

Richard Gaffin

Professor Gaffin is a great gift to the church, much and rightly beloved for his eminent godliness and penetrating biblical scholarship. I read the Bible differently through clarity he has brought to my own understanding of the history of redemption, the ordo salutis, biblical eschatology, resurrection, and union with Christ.

Peter Lillback, the current president of Westminster Seminary, where Gaffin taught for 45 years, has a wonderful tribute to Gaffin's career in the current issue of Ordained Servant (the online magazine for the OPC, Gaffin's denomination). Dr. Lillback concludes with some warm, brotherly personal reflections.

Praise to God for this faithful servant of the church.

(And who knew Dr. Gaffin's father-in-law was E. J. Young?!)

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