14 November 2011

Reflections on William Cowper's Poems

From my brother Gavin.

An excerpt:
Cowper’s life compels me to interpret life differently than I previously have. Two things emerge in my mind as I struggle with it. First, there are wounds, there are trials, there are agonies in this fallen world that cannot be described with words or contained within concepts. They stretch and bend and even break our ability to understand. They draw us into the realm of extremity, to the utter brink. But second, and without at all downplaying the reality of the first point, God can heal the deepest wounds and redeem the most broken life. I don’t believe that Cowper’s despair is the sum and total of his life. In his letters, and much more in his poetry and hymns, another strand of thought emerges, one of hope, patience, and faith.

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The Blainemonster said...

William Cowper's writings and biography have been a significant encouragement to me. I believe his works are what they are precisely because of the trials he experienced, and what a blessing that the Lord has used him to encourage others going through the same struggles!