12 October 2011

Without Money and Without Price

We do not like to be saved by charity, and so to have no corner in which to sit and boast. We long to make provision for a little self-congratulation. You insult a moral man if you tell him that he must be saved in the same way as a thief or a murderer, yet this is no more than the truth. For a woman of purity to be told that the same grace which saved a Magdalene is necessary for her salvation is so humbling, that her indignation is roused, and yet it is the fact, for in every case salvation is 'without money and without price.'
--Charles Spurgeon, 'Without Money and Without Price,' 1871

HT: Jean Larroux


Laurie Collett said...

It is only when we come to the end of ourselves, and realize that our "righteousness" is as but filthy rags, and that without Him we can do nothing, that we can be saved.
Laurie Collett, Saved by Grace

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Amen. This excerpt reminds me of a Spurgeon sermon reading that I've listened to it close to 50 times. What a great reminder of God's grace! Tony