26 August 2011

One Reason Homosexual Desires Are Dishonorable

I had never considered this insightful point in considering what is 'dishonorable' in homosexual 'passions' (Rom. 1:26). Our friends write in the ESV Study Bible--
Homosexual desires are 'dishonorable' both because they are contrary to God's purpose and because they treat a person's biological sex as only half of what it is. While the logic of a heterosexual bond is that of bringing together the two (and only two) different and complementary sexual halves into a sexual whole, the logic of a homosexual bond is that another person of the same sex complements, and fills what is lacking in, that same sex, implying that each participant is only half of his or her own sex: two half males making a full male or two half females making a full female.

In other words, the logic of sexual intercourse requires a sexual complement, and thus a same-sex bond is a self-devaluing of one's own gender inasmuch as one sees the need to complement structurally one's own sex with someone of the same sex. (p. 2548)

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Roberta said...

Good thoughts! I wonder why, up to half of the Christians in the Northwest of the U.S., find no problem voting for local and National candidates who favor gay marriage?!