01 February 2011

Forever Bowed but Never Cowed

Floyd Doud Shafer, in a brief 1961 essay on the calling of those who preach--
Mold him relentlessly into a man forever bowed but never cowed before the unconcealed truth which he has labored to reveal, and let him hang flung against the destiny of almighty God; let his soul be stripped bare before the onrushing purposes of God, and let him be lost, doomed, and done that his God alone be all in all.

Let him, in himself, be sign and symbol that everything human is lost, that Grace comes through loss; and make him the illustration that Grace alone is amazing, sufficient, and redemptive.

Let him be transparent to God's grace, God himself.

And when he is burned out by the flaming Word that coursed through him, when he is consumed at last by the fiery Grace blazing through him, and when he who was privileged to translate the truth of God to man is finally translated from earth to heaven, then bear him away gently, blow a muted trumpet and lay him down softly, place a two-edged sword on his coffin and raise a tune triumphant, for he was a brave soldier of the Word and e'er he died he had become spokesman of his God.
--Floyd Doud Shafer, 'And Preach As You Go,' Christianity Today (March 27, 1961), 10

HT: Kent Hughes

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Fritz Wendt said...

Thanks for that ... wonderful words for this preacher. I know about the fire of the Spirit that can't remain shut up in my bones!

Great blog, by the way. I am new to blogging. Fritz