01 January 2011

Our Evangelical Danger

Tozer, preaching on Revelation 10:10:
When Jesus came into our midst and presented Himself as the Messiah, His greatest enemies were the entrenched religious leaders of Israel. Their spiritual principles were drawn not from above, but from below. They used all the tactics of unregenerate men, including bribes, to bring the witness of lies against Jesus. To defend God, they acted like the devil. To claim support from the Scriptures, they defied its true teachings. In the name of a religion of love and mercy, they loosed the reins of blind hate. So fierce was their spirit--the spirit of this world that dominated them--that it never rested until they had put to death the Son of God.

Now, we are evangelicals at a troubled time in history. We face a danger--the danger of taking for granted that because we are evangelicals in theology and creed, we are automatically pleasing in the sight of God. Is it possible that our conservative theology is really a kind of nibbling of God's sweet and precious Word? Do we never allow it to become anything more than the creed and doctrines we say we believe?
--A. W. Tozer, Jesus Is Victor! (Christian Publications, 1989), 168

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