09 September 2010

The Reason for Christian Order

The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.
--G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy (repr.; Serenity 2009), 82

HT: Jeremy Weese


Gary Horn said...

Oh, this is a wonderful thought by Chesterton. "For freedom Christ has set us free"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dane. I hadn't noticed that wonderful statement before. Startling, wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning, Dane. I find clear defining of word and thought essential to avoid snares and free into truth. For example, "wild" isn't lack of self-control, which is a fruit of the Spirit. Seeking the Lord this morning, as to how to express to you, He gives this Word:
"Shower O heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit; let the earth cause them both to sprout; I the Lord have created it." -Isaiah 45:8
Where there is no "righteousness"...the earth is not to open...where there is no righteousness...there will be no true "salvation" nor the abundance, or as you say, the "running wild" of true spiritual fruit.