06 August 2010

Pilgrim's Progress and Defeating Sin

Prudence asked further, 'Do you not still carry some of the baggage from the place you escaped?'

[Christian:] 'Yes, but against my will. I still have within me some of the carnal thoughts that all my countrymen, as well as myself, were delighted with. Now all those things cause me to grieve. If I could master my own heart, I would choose never to think of those things again, but when I try only to think about those things that are best, those things that are worst creep back into my mind and behavior.'
'Don't you find that sometimes you can defeat those evil things that at other times seem to defeat you?' Prudence suggested.

Christian answered, 'Yes, it happens occasionally. They are golden hours that I treasure.'

'Can you remember the means by which you're able occasionally to defeat the evil desires and thoughts that assail you?'

Christian said, 'Yes. When I think about what I experienced at the cross, that will do it.'
From pages 76-77 of the new edition of Pilgrim's Progress done by Crossway last year. Magnificent artwork joins an even more magnificent story. I look forward to going through this one with my son Zach in a few years.

Justin posted on the book a few times--here, here and here (including a needed assurance that the burden on Christian's back is not an ESV Study Bible).

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