20 February 2010

The Language of Life

Scripture is a book for all humanity, in all its ranks and classes, in all its generations and nations. . . . It speaks in the language of common discourse, understandable to the simplest folk, clear for the educated and the uneducated alike. It uses the language of perception, which will always continue to have its place alongside that of science and the academy. . . . It is old, without ever aging; it always remains young and fresh; it is the language of life.

--Herman Bavinck (unreferenced; quoted in this nice introduction to Bavinck)


danny said...

hi dane,
just hopped on to your page...and found Bavnick's quote helpful...may use it tomorrow in worship.

dig you dad's blog. very helpful & encouraging, as is your call to the bro's on the right column of your's!
much grace & peace,

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks Danny!