05 August 2008

Owen: Why I Wrote

I recently was given a copy of Christian Focus' 2007 republication of John Owen's 1657 Communion with God, a 400-page volume explaining how believers can enjoy distinct fellowship with each of the members of the Trinity. I'm not able to work through the book any time soon, but in perusing it as I fell asleep last night I came across the final paragraph of Owen's introduction. Can't imagine a better way to send his readers into his book.

It is, then, I say, of that mutual communication in giving and receiving, after a most holy and spiritual manner, which is between God and the saints while they walk together in a covenant of peace, ratified in the blood of Jesus, of which we are to treat. And this we shall do, if God permit; in the meantime praying the God and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who has, of the riches of his grace, recovered us from a state of enmity into a condition of communion and fellowship with himself, that both he that writes, and they that read the words of his mercy, may have such a taste of his sweetness and excellencies in that, as to be stirred up to a farther longing after the fulness of his salvation, and the eternal fruition of him in glory. (pp. 31-32)

Here's another quote that I read about 6 times when I came upon it.

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