13 June 2008

Edwards: Looking Back from Heaven

What will we think of all our sin as we look back on it from heaven? Jonathan Edwards reflects.

Though the saints in heaven will see their exceeding folly and vileness in much of their behaviour here in this world, will see a thousand times as much of the evil and folly of sin as they do now; yet they will not experience any proper sorrow or grief for it, for this reason, because they will perfectly see at the same time how it is turned to the best to the glory of God, or at least will so perfectly know that it is so; and particularly they will have so much the more admiring and joyful sense of God's grace in pardoning them, that the remembrance of their sins will rather be an indirect occasion of joy.

That is right, and a huge relief to me.

--Works (1834 Hickman ed.), 2:621

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