28 April 2008

God's Beauty

Today I was browsing my way through Buswell Library at Wheaton and came across an early book by my college prof Sam Storms called The Grandeur of God. I read this:

I believe it may properly be said, indeed must be said, that God alone is beautiful in an absolute and unqualified sense. All created reality, be it the raw elements of nature untouched by human hands or the paintings of Rembrandt, is beautiful in a derived sense and only to the degree that it reflects the perfections of God. In God alone are perfect order, harmony, magnitude, integrity, proportion, and brilliance. In Himself, independent of any benefit or blessing of His which we might enjoy, God is beautiful.

--The Grandeur of God: A Theological and Devotional Study of the Divine Attributes, 149-50

One of the ways Sam has helped me is in thinking of the glory of God in terms of beauty.

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