13 March 2008

Lloyd-Jones: Mind, Heart, Will

I was very encouraged, lying in bed last night, to see Lloyd-Jones echo the conclusion I have been coming to regarding the relationship of theology, doxology, and obedience, at the end of a sermon on obedience from the heart (Rom 6:17):

So Paul puts his mighty argument and demonstration and from this I draw my final conclusion, that . . . we must always realize, when we talk to others, that the heart is never to be approached directly. I go further, the will is never to be approached directly either. This is a most important principle to bear in mind both in personal dealings and in preaching. The heart is always to be influenced through the understanding--the mind, then the heart, then the will.

--Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure, 62

Yes! Now that, in essence, is what I mean by strawberry-rhubarb theology.

(I love that subtitle: Its Causes and Cure, not Its Causes and Cures. It is not 7 steps we need, but the gospel. I'm still trying to figure this out myself!)

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