09 September 2007

Biblical vs. Systematic Theology

Michael Bird has a second great post in a row. It echoes some of the exact same things I've been thinking about current discussions in the PCA--e.g. the distinction between one's authority being Scripture as understood by confession and one's authority being Scripture alone and confessions only secondarily and derivatively. And even where I don't always agree with Bird (even in this distinction: is it so neat and simple to say we can come up with our own theology and then see which confessions are really true to it? Or can confessions help us, in the first instance, make sense of Scripture?) at least he consistently makes me laugh!

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Eric Ortlund said...

Wow, what an interesting post, Dane - and the quote from Reggie Kidd is fantastic as well. So great to hear these voices of sanity in the midst of Catholic Presbyterianism. -Eric