17 June 2007

Remembering the Forgotten

"Forgiveness through Christ is the gentle schoolmaster who does not have the heart to recall the fogotten, but does recall it sufficiently to say: 'Remember, however, that it is forgotten. It is not forgotten, but it is forgotten in the forgiveness. Every time you remember the forgiveness, then it is forgotten, but when you forget the forgiveness, then it is not forgotten and then the forgiveness is forfeited.'"

--Soren Kierkegaard, "The Gospel of Suffering and the Lilies of the Field," p. 43

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Eric Ortlund said...

Wow, great to see you reading Kierkegaard, Dane. (Now there's someone far more genuinely melancholy than Edwards!) I find S. K. frustrating, and far too intelligent for his own good . . . but he sees things and has a way of putting things that is really unique, and extremely helpful.

The quote reminds me on an Edwards quote on Heaven: that, in Heaven, remembrance of our sins while in the body will be only an occasion for joy, becase we will see how much good God brought out of them. (Amazing!!!)