16 May 2007

Paul's Changed Anthropology, Theology, Christology

Great lecture on Paul's changed anthropology, theology, and christology in the wake of his conversion, as well as the various aspects of the atonement, from Hans Bayer's course (lecture #34) on the Life and Letters of Paul at Covenant Seminary. For each course and each lecture there is audio, a transcription in PDF and HTML, and a more abbreviated course study guide. This class is one of 21 courses (and counting) posted on Covenant's website which can all be listened to and/or read for free (Covenant Worldwide).


It seems to be an amazing challenge in the history of mankind to find an answer for the problem of evil and of sin. The philosopher Blaise Pascal has identified that as a significant problem in the history of mankind: either people speak about the misery of man's condition or the glory of man's condition; they cannot account for the fact that both are true. There is a profound misery in man and there is wonderful glory in man because he was created in the image of God. What will solve the issue?

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