02 April 2007

Seneca: Summum Bonum

Some of you know I'm right in the thick of a decision as to doctoral programs (New Testament), and reading this statement from Seneca today was helpful and confirmative.

As often as you wish to know what is to be avoided or what is to be sought, consider its relation to the Supreme Good, to the purpose of your whole life. For whatever we do ought to be in harmony with this; no man can set in order the details unless he has already set before himself the chief purpose of his life

--"On the Supreme Good"

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Dane Ortlund said...

It is in the first few paragraphs of Seneca's "On the Supreme Good" in the Loeb's Classical Library collection, vol. 2 of his letters, p. 73. Title of this vol is Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales.