19 January 2007

Motivation (31): Heidelberg

Heidelberg Confession
- 1563, Germany -

8 Q. But are we so corrupt
that we are totally unable to do any good
and inclined toward all evil?

A. Yes, unless we are born again
by the Spirit of God.

88 Q. What is involved
in genuine repentance or conversion?
A. Two things:
the dying-away of the old self,
and the coming-to-life of the new.

89 Q. What is the dying-away of the old self?

A. It is to be genuinely sorry for sin,
to hate it more and more,
and to run away from it.

90 Q. What is the coming-to-life of the new self?

A. It is wholehearted joy in God through Christ
and a delight to do every kind of good
as God wants us to.

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