27 April 2020

You Shall Have Strength Enough

William Bridge, preaching in 1648 on union with Christ out of Galatians 2:20:
If Christ be in you, then why should you not venture upon any work or service for God, although it do lie beyond you, and beyond your strength, and expect large and great things from him?

You say, sometimes, you would do such or such a thing for God, but you have no strength to do it.

But if Christ be in you, and really united unto your soul, then surely you shall have strength enough, and you may expect large and great things from him.

Therefore, venture upon work and service for God; yea, although they do lie beyond your present strength, be not unwilling thereunto, but expect great things from God, because Christ is really in you. 
–William Bridge, "The Spiritual Life and In-Being of Christ in All Believers, in Works, 1:380

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